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3 Must See Exhibitions This Summer!

by Jessica

I really like to visit exhibitions in museums, especially when it’s about fashion or photography. In this article I will name 3 exhibitions that I’ve visited and which you should really visit this summer when you’re in the Netherlands. I named two fashion exhibitions for the real fashion lovers.

  • Central Museum Utrecht: Jan Taminiau – Reflections.

This exhibition is from the Dutch Designer Jan Taminiau, the designer of the dresses of Maxima of the honoring in 2013. You can see these two dresses at the exhibition, but I can tell you these aren’t the highlights of the exhibition which you might thought before visiting this exhibition. Jan Taminiau is well known for his couture dresses and special production techniques. His dresses are really beautiful and they have a lot of details, think about beads, sequins and embroidery. Not only will you see the dresses, but also the thoughts behind it and the process. I’ve visited some fashion designer exhibitions before with my sister, like Alexander McQueen in London and Dior in Paris, both were very impressive. I can tell you, this Dutch designer is also really impressive!! The exhibition can be visited till August the 26th in the Central Museum of Utrecht.


  • Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam: Studio Drift.

This exhibition isn’t about fashion or photography, but still I recommend you to visit it! The artist duo Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta are researching how you can connect nature and technology with each other and how you can show this. Admiration is central to this. The artist duo researches this by creating installations. The Stedelijk Museum says it’s the most high-technical exhibition they’ve ever had. There are 8 halls with installations, like the installation where they attached dandelions to LED lights. Also the project Drifter, an installation with a floating block or a hall where you can wear a special glass to see holographic images on blocks. The installations are really interesting and you can see the process of how they created this. The exhibition can be visited till August the 26th in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

  • Kunstal Rotterdam: Viktor & Rolf 25 years.

The second exhibition for the fashion lovers, another from the Netherlands! The Dutch design duo Viktor & Rolf exists 25 years! Enough reason to have big exhibiton about the past 25 years of this duo in the Kunsthal! This duo is known for their extreme and experimental designs. You might question yourself:is it fashion or art? The only answer for this question is: both. It’s not only about a beautiful design, but also the concept behind the design. It needs to tell a story. It makes their work special and different from other designers. The Netherlands are well known for their talented fashion designers which we can be proud of. Viktor & Rolf (and Jan Taminiau which I mentioned earlier in this article) are one of them. The exhibition can be visited till September the 30th in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam.


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