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Review: LUSH Flopsy Face Wash Jelly

by Jessica

When I visited Utrecht because of the Harry Potter exhibition(click here), I also visited the centre of Utrecht. I did some beauty shopping at Kiko, Mac Cosmetics and Lush. Sometimes you have to treat yourself. I don’t visit the Lush often. I don’t know why, because the products are great, like the fresh face masks. mostly when I’m with my sister. She always wants to go the Lush. Anyway, this time I saw Flopsy. Flopsy fascinated me. It’s a face wash in jelly form from the Eastern collection of 2017. You read that well: face wash in jelly form. Flopsy has the shape of an Eastern Bunny head and it’s flubbering. The structure of this face wash is unique. It’s flubbering, it’s slippery, it does look like an eastern bunny and it smells good. I wanted to test this product, because I’ve never seen something like this before. I also think the name is funny.  So I bought it.

Here you can see Flopsy in  the package. If you shake it, Flopsy moves.

The back with al the ingredients. Lush always uses a lot of natural products.

This is how Flopsy looks like. Look how funny and cute it looks. Escepecially the nose. To test the product I take a little piece of Flopsy. You can use it directly on your wet face or you can make the piece of Flopsy wet so it will foam. You don’t need so much of the product. Like the photo below, that’s too much.

After the foaming I massaged my face with it. I had a piece of Flopsy left, but you can re-use it. Make sure it’s dry before you put ut it back in the package because of the bacteria’s. After using Flopsy, I washed my face and I thought my skin was very soft and fresh. I’ve used it when I took a shower a few times. I think it’s easier to use the piece directly on your  wet face (for example when you’re taking a shower) than foaming it.

It’s an unique product because of the form and the structure. I can’t say is this product  is better than other face wash products of Lush, because this one is the first I’ve tried. Nevertheless, I like this product. It really makes my face feel soft and fresh. I also like the scent. It smells like lemon and it also looks funny.

You can buy the Flopsy Face Wash at the Lush stores. The price is €11,85 for 200 grams. The face wash is from the eastern collection 2017.

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