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Review: Nars Radian Creamy Concealer

by Jessica

Always when I’m on a citytrip with my sister, we go to the Sephora. That was mainly because the brands Urban Decay and Nars weren’t available in the Netherlands. Nowadays you can buy these brands in the Netherlands. But it still remains a tradition. The Sephora has also fine products of it’s own brand. Anyway, Michelle and I were two days in Paris and we’ve visited the Sephora here. I bought the Urban Decay Illuminated Trio, which is a limited edition you can’t buy in the Netherlands anymore, a Sephora  Blue Lagoon showergel and the Nars Radian Creamy Concealer. I bought the foundation of Nars years ago, which made me excited. The foundation covers well. So it made me curious about the concealer.

A beautiful and clean/minimalistic package of Nars.

I choose the colour Chantilly Light 1, because I have a light skin. This is also the lightest colour they have. This concealer has an yellow undertone.

The ingredients.

You apply the concealer with a sponge applicator. A sponge is not the most hygienic option, a pump is actually better. A sponge is on the other hand the easiest way to apply the concealer. You can work very precisely with this.

A swatch of the concealer. It’s liquid concealer. The sponge holds much of the concealer, so you have enough concealer for both eyes. You don’t need much of the product!

Me without any foundation or concealer on my face.

On the left without concealer, right with concealer. It covers well! I didn’t need much for my eye to cover the bags under my eyers. This was one layer under my eye, so the product is effecient. That’s a plus! The most beautiful and natural way is to apply the concealer like dots under your eyes and to spread it. I did that with my fingers, but you can also do this with a beautyblender or a pencil.

On this photo you see the concealer with my daily make-up look including foundation.

Just like the Nars foundation, I’m excited about the concealer. It covers well, which is perfect for the blue/purple bags under my eyes. On every photo I used one layer concealer. The concealer also isn’t dry and it feels good on your skin. This might become my favourite concealer!

The concealer costs €29,50. It’s a high price, but for exchange you get some quality. In the Netherlands it’s available at the Bijenkorf.

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