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The Body Shop Christmas Collection 2017

by Jessica

Last week it was my birthday, so I got spoiled. One of the presents I got were some products from the Christmas Collection 2017 of the Body Shop. I’m a huge fan of the Body Shop. I really love their products, because they’re against animal testing, the quality of the products is great and the scents are delicious. The limited editions are always my favourite, like the blueberry and passion fruit you sometimes could buy in the summer.
The new Christmas Collection is available in the stores now, so I was really happy with the gift card.
The Body Shop had also 40% discount on all the body butters . The body butters are my favourite products. It nourishes your skin and you can smell the scent the whole day. There was also a discount on the shower gels, which was also great. I have to hide my Body Shop shower gels from Sander, he also loves them :’). I also got a gift card from the Body Shop, so I could go crazy in the shop.

The Christmas Collections has a lot of great gift boxes, with real cool and cute packages. I didn’t bought a gift box, but single products. But the gift boxes are a nice present to give for Christmas. You also have three limited editions collections, like every year. One of my favourites were the ginger sparkle and glazed apple, but they’re not in the collection this year :(. This year you have the Frosted Berries, the Vanilla Chai and the Frosted Plum that made a comeback after 2015.

So, I’ll show my products that I got from the Christmas Collection.

From the Vanilla Chai collection I bought the hand cream. It’s a small package, which easily fits in your bag. The smell is not a typical scent. I had to get used to it. The cinnamon makes the scent spicy, but you can also smell the vanilla well. The hand cream does make my hands very soft. Maybe I’ll buy the shower gel from this collection later. In december there’s always sale, so I think I’ll wait till then.

Vanilla Chai, hand cream: €5,50

I bought the shower gel and the body butter from the Frosted Plum collection. I think the scent is sweet, but less sweet than the Frosted Berries. It smells fruity and a little bit like flowers. This scent is more subtile than the other two. I really missed this scent last year, so I was happy when I saw it now. The body butter really nourishes your skin. The body butter structure is thick, but not as thick as the Vanilla Chai body butter. This one is easier to spread on your skin. I also think this one is my favourite from the three collections.

Frosted Plum, shower gel: €7,-
Frosted Plum, body butter: €16,-

I got the Frosted Berries body butter and shower gel from my sister. The structure of the body butter is the same as the frosted plum, but is (like I said) much sweeter and fruity than the frosted plum. The frosted berries is less subtile than the frosted berry. It’s smell reminds you a little bit of a dessert/Danoontje. It’s really really sweet. I think this one is a scent you’ll hate or love.

Frosted Berries, shower gel: €7,-
Frosted Berries, body butter: €16,-

From the gift card I also bought a face mask and Vanilla Pumpkin Halloween limited edition shower gel. Maybe I’ll review the mask later.

What’s on your wish list from the Body Shop Christmas Collection?



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