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3 Photo Books You Need!

by Jessica

As a real photographer, it’s not done if you don’t have any photo books in your bookcase. I always enjoy it to look after in photo books when I’ve visited an exhibition. I think it’s really inspiring and also good for you knowledge. At home I have a photo book collections (with many on my wish list). Sometimes I don’t look at the books for a while, but when I do it I really get inspired by it. As a photographer you also need to know which important photographers there have been. I love fashion and portrait photography the most. It’s also what I often do. The photo books that I have are mainly portrait and fashion. I selected three photo books which I really love.

1. Peter Lindbergh – A Different Vision on Fashion PhotographyThis is the most recent book I’ve bought. I bought this after I’ve visited the exhibition of Peter Lindberh in the Kunsthal. It’s a huge book as you can see. It’s complete with all the photos you could see in the exhibition. I think it’s inspiring, because Lindberh shows his models as real woman and he doesn’t photoshop them.

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2. Jimmy Nelson – Before They Pass Away. Even if you love fashion photography more, this book can fascinate you. What a beautiful portraits. I’m also interested in traveling and other cultures. So, this book is a real recommendation if you like this to. Jimmy Nelson travels around the world to make portraits of natives. For example, he traveled to Papua New Guinea or Ethiopia. He captured the natives that are disappearing slowly. Almost everything is shot by a technical camera. You have a small size or a XL size of this photo book. Both formats are impressive, maybe the XL edition even more.

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3. Helmut Netwon 1920 – 2004. Helmut Newton is a real icon from the last centurie. If you don’t know Helmut Newton as a photography lover, shame on you!! I’ve seen his work in Berlin in the Helmut Newton Foundation, but also in FOAM. It was really impressive to see. When you think about his work, you mostly think about naked women on high heels. His work is so much more than that. He gives the women a powerful position. It’s something you never saw in his century. This photo book doesn’t show his most known work, which makes this book more interesting.

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