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Review: Lonely Planet – The World Travel Guide For Travel Addicts!

by Jessica

I have quit a big travel guide collection, which started at the time when I was waiting at the train station for my long train transfer. In the bookstore I saw the travel guide of Thailand and Australia of National Geographic for sale and because I wanted to visit those countries I couldn’t help myself. Ever since my travel guide collection has grown. I think it’s interesting and fun to read about countries which I’d like to visit someday. At the time I also bought the Lonely Planet ‘The World Travel guide’. I already have this book for a while, but I still wanted to write something about it. Seriously, every travel addict should have this guide! Or maybe not, because it’s makes you want to travel more and more. Your wanderlust / travel desire will grown a lot because of this book. My bucket list was already long, but because of this book it’s longer. Lonely Planet ‘The World’ contains information about 221 countries and it contains 228 maps.

So why should you buy this book? I can hear you thinking, one travel guide about 221 countries?? How can that be informative? Well, this book does give you enough information about the highlights so you’re well informed about each country. The book contains also a lot of beautiful images. Each country contains information about the food, drinks, the best travel time, how to get around or population data.

The book is recommended when you want to go on a holiday, but you don’t know where to go. It’s also a perfect guide for people who like’d to make a world trip, but who are in an orientation phase. This book does contain routes for people who want to do a world trip in a few months. Browse through the book and read  about every country that appeals to you. Or a better idea, read everything! Even the countries that don’t really appeal to you. You’ll be surprised and it can give you new sights. For example, I added some countries  on my bucket list which I wasn’t interested in before this book. Think about Bolivia, Namibia, Nicaragua or Taiwan. I didn’t really knew Nicaragua and I wasn’t really interested in Bolivia or Taiwan. As you may know, I want to make a journey to Asia. The first countries I was thinking about were Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar or Cambodia. I read more about Taiwan in this book and now I also like to visit this country. So my conclusion is that this book is perfect for the orientation phase but also to make you dream or discover new countries.

The edition that I have is already a bit outdated. Nowadays there’s a second and newer edition from 2017 for sale. The paperback edition can be purchased for €24,99 online at bol.com.
The Lonely Planet guides are always in English, this guide is no different. The second edition contains 960 pages.

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