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My 2018 & New Resolutions for 2019!

by Jessica

This is the last day of 2018 and after that 2019 is officially started! It’s a sort of a tradition to write a blog about a throwback of the past year and the resolutions for the new year. Read my blog about 2018 here.

I had some ups and some downs, it wasn’t my best year but to call this a bad year? No, despite a few down moments I can look back at some great moments.

  • I did many great photoshoots!
    This year I did some commissioned assignments, but I also made a lot of free work. I don’t always have commissioned assignments, but I still love photography. It’s also good for your portfolio and your network. I’ve worked with many talented people this year! I wanted to do more photoshoots on location, so I did many this year! I really love locations. You can create a better story, you get inspired by the location and the photos are more diverse. The photoshoot with the hippie van was my absolute favorite!

    My second favorite photoshoot was the editorial that I’ve shot in the green house
  • I got my first tattoo! I was thinking about a tattoo for a longer time and in October I finally did it. I chose for a camera, because this is my big passion. It’s also a reminder for me why I shouldn’t give up and why I should keep focusing on my dreams. I would love to have a second tattoo. I already have something in mind (a combination of a compass and a world map for my love for traveling, my second passion), but this one will be more expensive than my camera tattoo. I’m also saving money for my big Asia trip, so I don’t know if I’ll get my second tattoo in 2019. Anyway, there’s no rush.
  • I traveled for the first time alone. Because my Asia plans are getting way more serious, I wanted to know how it was to be on your own abroad. I didn’t feel good with the idea that when I’m going to the other side of the world that it would be my first time alone abroad. I decided to go on a short city trip to Seville in Spain and I enjoyed it a lot to be on my own. It was really great to things your own way and to follow your own plan. Europe can’t be compared with Asia, but I’m happy with this experience.
  • I’ve also visited Edinburgh & Sicily with Sander. This year I’ve seen some beautiful places. I’m really grateful that I was able to do this. Traveling brings me so much joy and I really love to explore the world.

  • Meet Bailey! During the summer we got a rabbit: Bailey. Our hamster died earlier this year and after 4 months we wanted a new pet. We immediately fell in love with Bailey.
  • I had some online magazine publications and an exhibition at the end of this year! I keep sending editorials that I’ve made to online magazines. It’s always cool to see your work get published. I also got my first cover this year! It’s the photoshoot with the hippie van for Salysé Magazine! But the greatest publication I’ve got was my exhibition! My high school existed 100 years in November! My art teacher asked me to show some work for the exhibition of (old) students and teachers. 
  • I’ve visited more exhibitions that the year before. That was something I wanted to more this year, because I love art and fashion.  I’ve seen some great fashion exhibitions! First I went for 2 days to Paris with my sister. We both love to see exhibitions of fashion designers. We were lucky to see the great Dior exhibition in Paris!

    I’ve also seen the work of my favorite photographer Tim Walker in the Noordbrabants Museum in Breda!

    I’ve also seen the designs of the Dutch Designer Jan Taminiau in Utrecht.

    It was really the year of exhibitions of fashion designers, because I’ve also the work of Viktor & Rolf in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam.

I did try to find a job in photography early this year. I almost found something, but I wasn’t allowed to do any photography jobs as a freelancer if I would work there (read more about this here). It made me realize I don’t want to push the freelance work away already, even if I still can’t live from it. Also my other job isn’t that bad as I thought. At the end I could get enough hours for work to pay my bills and still being able to do nice things in my free time or to go on holiday. But the main reason is because I can combine it with my freelance work. Another main reason I still kept the job is because my Asia plans are getting serious like I already mentioned. 


Some resolutions for the new year!

  • I’ll keep focusing as a freelancer. I’ll go on with what I’m doing now, like getting more connections, keep posting on social media, advertise my work and keep making free work. But I need to keep putting effort in my photography business and I need to make a new business plan and try to think about new ideas. What are the possibilities? What haven’t I tried before? Maybe I can do something like Istock or sell my travel photos or get more in touch with companies. That last one is something I think is the most scary. I’m always thinking: I’m not good enough. But I don’t need to be so insecure, I can actually be proud of what I’ve accomplished. Most people find me on Instagram, so I also will be spending more with this app.
  • I’d like to more commercial assignments. My big photography goals are getting published in a big fashion magazine like Elle, travel a lot for photoshoots to the most awesome locations around the world, but also to shoot campaigns of fashion brands or  lookbooks!
  • I’ll only say yes to TFP projects if it’s an addition to my portfolio. I’ll say more often no, which I already have done this year. I’ll keep making free work of course, because I have many moodboards I still want to work out.
  • I’ll book my ticket to Asia! It’s really going to happen. Right now I’m waiting till the tickets are available for the period I’d like to travel. I’m thinking about celebrating NYE 2019/2020 in Singapore, but when it will be too expensive I’ll go somewhere in January 2020. NYE in Singapore seems cool for me because of the firework show and I always wanted to celebrate NYE abroad. I’ll have exact one year to save a lot of money, so I really need to buy less clothing or other stuff I don’t really need.
  • I want to focus more on my blog. I want to share more photography tips or write more travel articles. If there are things you’d like to read more about, please let me know. I’m also thinking about changing the lay-out of this blog, but I don’t have something specific in mind yet.
  • I need to more sports. I’m not sporty, but when I want to climb volcanoes in Indonesia (Java the Bromo and Ijen Crater) I need to have a condition.
  • I really enjoy walking/wandering around. So I need to visit more often great locations in the Netherlands.
  • Working abroad will always be a dream of me. This January I shot some portraits of my sister in a beautiful and colorful street in Paris. My dream is to travel for photoshoots and make great editorials or portraits abroad. It would be so awesome if I get the chance to do these kind of work trips! For free work I don’t think I can afford it this year, because my focus with money lies on Asia. But how cool would it be if I get commissioned assignments abroad and do those work trips?
  • I still like to have my own studio/workspace outside my house. But it’s not really important for 2019. First I want to do my Asia trip and after that (probably 2020/2021) I’d like to have my own studio.

When you read this, I wish you a happy new year! May your dreams come true!


What are your resolutions for 2019?

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