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My 2019 & New Resolutions for 2020!

by Jessica

It’s already time for the new year and that also mean it’s time to make a blog about how this year was for me. Read my blog from last year here.


This year was a good year for me, a year where I’ve been working on my dreams. But this year has also made me realize more how important my family and closed ones are for me. There were some health issues in the family, like my grandma needed to stay in the hospital for a while (including an operation) because of heart problems.
But it’s also because of the fact that I’ll leave my home and everyone I love for 5 months in just one week left. Last year I wrote that one of my resolutions for the new year would be booking the ticket to Asia. Well, I booked it at the end of January, with the thought I would have 11 months to prepare everything for this trip. The decision to really go to Asia for 5 months wasn’t easy, especially for my boyfriend. He didn’t shared this dream to go travel for a longer period and I had this dream for years. So was I really going to this? It meant that if I really wanted to make this dream reality, I had to do this alone.

In the first weekend of January we went two days to Paris including one day in Disneyland. We already booked this in November, so already some time before I was 100% sure that I really was going to Asia. It was so much fun to go to Disneyland and also to do this with just the two of us. It was the last weekend with the Christmas decoration, so there was a nice ambiance.

Because we already went to Paris & Disneyland in January and because I needed to save a lot of money for Asia, we decided to do a shorter and cheaper city trip to Brussels and Ghent. Normally we went for two weeks to a nice and sunny location with beautiful beaches etc, like Italy or Spain. We didn’t wanted to spent a lot, but still wanted to go somewhere together. Some friends told us about the Flix Bus, so we paid about €25,- for the bus back and forth per person to Brussels and Ghent. We had been in Antwerp and Bruges before, but never in Brussels and Ghent. Both cities were great to visit, but to be honest Ghent was more impressive than Brussels.

For my photography it was a good year, the best year since I’m a freelancer so far. I wanted to focus more on commercial assignments and less portfolio work, so I did. I didn’t decide to try to freelance full time yet, because I still needed a steady income so I could save money for Asia. But I got some great assignments for a few fashion brands and it was really great to work for them. I also got the chance to work a few times for the new brand Jin Jinny.  This is what I enjoy the most, being able to create an image together with a team. My former photography classmate Withney asked me last year to photograph her wedding this summer, which felt like such an honor. It was a long time that I photographed a wedding, but it was so much fun to do! I really like that every assignment is different. The next day I’m photographing for a fashion brand, the other moment I’m doing portraits, then again fashion and then the other moment it’s a wedding.

I’ve said it for years now that my other dream is to combine fashion photography with traveling, that I wanted to organise a photoshoot abroad. First I thought: hmm, it won’t be this year. I can’t afford it. But I had many conversations with Naomi, a make-up artist I’ve worked a lot with. So it kept me thinking: why not? Let’s give it a try. Together with Naomi and model Liselore we decided to go for a short photography trip to Escalles (Normandy, France) in September. We searched for a brand to collaborate with and we shared our costs, to keep the costs low. The first day we’ve photographed for Moost Wanted and the second day we did a photoshoot for our portfolio. It was my first time that I had to drive such a huge distance and especially in just two days. In these two days we also did the two photoshoots, so it was a real tiring trip, but one that was worth it! It was a really beautiful location and a great team and I really don’t regret this decision!! I hope I’ll get more chances to combine travels with fashion photography.

My focus was more on commercial assignments, but I still wanted to make portfolio work. I still have many idea’s that I want to work out. But only if it’s an addition for my portfolio, so I also said more no to TFP projects. Most of my new portfolio work was on location (I prefer location more than studio) and I’ve worked on many cool locations, like the Maasvlakte. When I was on my way to the Maasvlakte, I discovered a small village with beautiful grasslands and windmills which was also a cool location for a photoshoot. It’s funny how you can discover cool locations. You need to keep your eyes wide open ;).


For 2020 I don’t really have resolutions. Yes, I need to sport more. That’s something I say every year..I did reached my personal record, namely two months instead of three weeks. But after that I completely failed again..
I really hope that I can enjoy this Asia journey for the fullest and I’m curious what it will bring me. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot about myself and that I’ll develop myself more.
My photography business will be at a pause when I’m in Asia, which feels a little bit like I need to start over when I come back because this year was a good year (finally). Only in November and December I didn’t do much for my photography business. At my other job it got really busy because someone wasn’t available for a longer time and after this the busy holiday period started. So I decided to do a few portfolio projects during this period, so I would have new work to show when I’m gone. When I’m back in June 2020, I’ll  focus again on commercial assignments and how I can grow my photography business more.
I’ll also try to write more blogs, because this year I failed a bit. I didn’t had much inspiration and energy to do so. But in 2020, I also want to use this blog to keep everyone updated about my travel experience in Asia, so i’ll be more active. These blogs will be in Dutch.

So this year was all about making my dreams come true and it’s something that will continue next year.

I wish everyone who reads this the best for 2020!!

Do you have any resolutions for the new year?


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