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Photo Diary: A Sunny Weekend in Scheveningen

by Jessica

Sander and I spontaneously went off for a weekend. We’re not so often together free for two days in a row, without asking and coincidentally we were this time. On Saturday night we saw there were tickets for the Lion King the musical available for Sunday, so we decided to go. Because of the good and sunny weather and the fact we were free for two days at the same time, we stayed one night in the Hague/ Scheveningen. We booked last minute a hotel. We haven’t been to a musical together and I always wanted to see the Lion King musical. It was totally worth it. It was so nice and great! From the moment the musical starts, till the end. It starts with the animals walking through the public to go on stage. The costumes, the decor, the shadow play, the effects, the singing etc. was beautiful. In other words: go visit this musical while you have the chance! We had a really nice weekend and it was good to be out #workmodeoff.

The indoor garden in Hotel Mimosa
Dining at restaurant De Beren.


On our last day, we also visited Madurodam. We both visited it for the last time when we were little.

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