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Photo Diary: Dior Exhibition In Paris

by Jessica

I’ve placed my photodiary about my visit to Paris before. This post will be about the exhibition that we’ve visited. On Fiday the 5th Michelle and I went to the Dior exhibition, the reason why we went to Paris. The exhibition could be visited till Sunday the 7th. The exhibition is over, so when you’re reading this blog you still get an idea of how it was. We were glad we already ordered our tickets online, otherwise we had to wait for more than 2 hours. But I think it would still be worth it to wait so long. This was such a beautiful exhibition! So pretty! The dresses are real artworks. There were so many dream dresses. I saw my future wedding dress, which I’ll never get because it’s too expensive. It was so beautiful, all those details, like the lace, the flower and all the beads they placed handmade. The short trip was all worth it. I don’t need to say anything more, just watch.

All photos are made with my mobile phone. It was so busy in there, that I didn’t find it handy to work with my big camera.

This hall was so beautiful to watch. Actually everything was beautiful to watch. But this one particularly because of the decoration and all the leafs that were hanging on the ceiling. There was also a hall where you could watch all the campaign videos of Dior, also the oldest ones. That was nice to see.

This was favourite hall from the exhibition. So much beautiful (dream) dresses to see here! But also the combination with the colourful lightning made it very atmospheric!

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