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Photo Diary: The Veluwe

by Jessica

After our holiday in the Algarve, the southern region in Portugal, we went a few days to the Veluwe in the Netherlands. We still were still a week free from our work. Sander visited the Veluwe a lot with his parents when he was young. I actually had never been there. It’s a beautiful region in the Netherlands. It’s well known for it’s nature like the woods, but especially the heath. In august the heath is purple, which is really beautiful. However, it was my first time visiting the Veluwe.

We stayed at a hotel from Fletcher Hotels in Beekbergen, near Apeldoorn. This was the restaurant. 
The Loenense Waterfall

At our stay at Fletcher Hotels, we rented a bike to explore the area.

We couldn’t check in our room when we arrived in the morning. So we cycled the whole day. Here we’re finally at our room.

The next day we visited Het Loo Palace.
Pannenkoeken! / Pancakes!

The next day we went to Vierhuizen. We’ve visited the campsite where Sander always came when he was young. There was a beautiful field with heath.

It was really beautiful here!

We’ve also made our own candles in the afternoon. It was a fun experience!
‘s Avonds hebben we Chinees gegeten in een restaurant. / In the evening we ate Chinese in the restaurant. 
We ended our trip the last day with midgetgolf. It was glow in the dark midget golf, which was fun.

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