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Update: My backpack adventure in 2020!

by Jessica

It’s been quiet on this blog for a while. I’ve only postes some photography work and backstage photos lately. I was very busy, mostly with my work. So after my work I didn’t had much energy and inspiration to make blogposts. I’ve also been busy with something big. My dream will become reality very very soon, which feels odd to say.  My backpack adventure will begin in exactly 3 weeks now! I’m finally going to Asia and it’s something I’ve been dreaming about for years.Besides the dream to become a successful photographer, it’s also my dream to travel and explore all those beautiful places in the world.

My grandma and grandpa traveled a lot when I was younger. I always saw their photo books, videos and I listened to their stories, so I can’t deny that they’ve influenced me a lot. I think it was in 2014 during my internship that it came to my mind to want do a longer travel trip. My graduation project in 2015 was inspired by the desire of wanting to travel abroad. So, the idea of traveling for a longer period was something I already had in mind for years, but I think I was too afraid and I wasn’t ready for it yet. Last year I was thinking: Jess, don’t wait too long. If this is something you really really want, do it!! Before you know it you’ll be 30, maybe married, maybe want children.. So last year I decided to do a short solo trip to Seville in Spain, so I would learn how it would be like to be on your own. This January I thought: I’m going to book the ticket to Bangkok for January 2020, so I have this whole year to prepare and  because then I had to do this. At that moment you’re thinking: I have plenty of time, it’s only over 11 months. Now it’s just 3 weeks left. Times goes so fast.

I’m excited and nervous at the same time. When I booked my ticket to Bangkok I was really down-to-earth about it. The fact that I would be alone there, in countries with a very different culture etc, wasn’t the thing that scared me a lot. It scared me more that I would have a stopover and if my bag would arrive at the same time as me. I now do understand better why everyone was concerned (in a good way) and was like: wow, you’re going alone??

First I wasn’t sure how I would be leaving, but my plan is 5 months. It won’t be longer than 5 months, because I must be back for my work in June again. I don’t have to quit my job, because I can take unpaid leave. First I needed to quit my job, but eventually I got the news I can stay, which is great news! Also a relief, so when I come home I still have work. Of course I have my photography business (which did go well this year, my best year so far), but it’s not enough to live from yet. I’ll also be away for 5 months, so I sort of need start over again. When I’m back in the beginning of June my focus on my photography business will be back. This month I was focused on work, preparations for this big trip and some free work, so I’ll have so new work to show when I leave. My trip will be starting in Thailand. After this I’m going to Laos, and I also want to visit Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia. It depends on how much time I have left, otherwise I also want to got Myanmar or Malaysia (Borneo). I wanted to do this trip together, but Sander didn’t want to leave home for such a long time and since this was something I wanted to do for such a long time, I said that this was something I needed to do and that I would regret it my whole life if I wouldn’t do this. You should never stop going after your dreams, because of someone else. If everything is okay between you, it will be also after this. At the end of June next year, we will be together for 10 years. So I hope we share another 10 years together after this and do beautiful travels together. I already made some promises to Sander, that I’m not going to visit everything he also wants to see in the future, like Sri Lanka or some islands in Thailand. It will be really hard to not be available to see each other for such a long time. Of course, there’s Skype, Facetime and Whatsapp, but it’s not the same of course. The longest we’ve been apart from each other was 2,5 weeks, a really long time ago. I really am going to miss him. But it will be harder for him, I guess, because I will make a lot of new adventures and seeing beautiful things all the time, while he is at home and at work.

I’m almost ready to leave. I already packed in most of my stuff. I didn’t packed things like my laptop and camera yet, because I still need those things. Almost everything is settled. Only things like my travel assurance, international driving license and canceling some subscriptions. I have my 60 day visa for Thailand, because I’ll be staying there for more than 30 days. I just got all my vaccins, I have my malaria pills. I’m almost ready for this adventure.

I’ll keep you posted on this blog. I’ll also keep everything updated on my Instagram and I’ll make videos on Youtube. I’m not sure what kind of videos yet. My photo diaries that I’ll post on this blog about Asia will be in Dutch and articles with travel tips in English. Normally I write my blogs completely in English, but because more people want to follow me and most of them are Dutch (and it also will be a lot easier for me then), I’ll write the photo diaries in Dutch.

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