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New Portraits of Loekie

by Jessica

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something on this blog. My last blog was about my Asia trip that abruptly ended because of corona. Now I’m already 3 months home, back at my second job and slowly starting again with my photography business now there are less corona restrictions here in the Netherlands. It sometimes still feels odd to be back, because I couldn’t end the Asia trip of my dreams the way I wanted it and when I came home it didn’t really feel like home, because of all the restrictions. One day I’m going to finish my dream trip (and hopefully other great trips as well), but first I’m going to focus on other things again, like my photography. We’ll see how and when. I’m 27 years old, so plenty of time for traveling.

Anyway, recently I did first free work shoot with a model again! Although I was busy with photography everyday in Asia, it was a real different genre than I usually do. It gave me a lot of energy as well, I loved making these travel portraits and (urban) landscapes. But I also missed creating something with a team or shooting portraits of a model and create a story together. So some weeks ago I’ve photographed Loekie from Innocence Model Agency. We found each other on Instagram and wanted to shoot together. We decided to shoot in the center of Amsterdam, because now there weren’t many tourist because of corona. Normally this area is really crowded and full with tourists. We also took some shots in the metro, which is also something that is hard to do when there are so many tourists. Scroll further to see the results! Photography and styling are done by me!

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