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New Portraits of Rosanne

by Jessica

Last month I’ve photographed the beautiful Rosanne from Models Rock Agency. The photoshoot was located in the beautiful streets of The Hague. I almost thought I had to stop early with the photoshoot, because I thought I had forgotten my extra battery. I couldn’t find it anywhere and I was confused, because I never forget to pack up my extra battery!  It would have been a shame if we had to stop early,  because it was great to work with Rosanne! Luckily I found the battery after all. I packed it up in an inside pocket of my bag, where I normally wouldn’t put it in.  Do you recognize this? That you sometimes pack up important things in an unusual place when you’re in a hurry and the moment you need it you can’t find it because of that?

Anyway, here are the results of the portraits I’ve made of Rosanne! The styling was done by me.

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