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The Simple Life Published By Cerulean Magazine

by Jessica

Last month I had a cool photoshoot in the middle of the grassland with horses and typical Dutch windmills and Dutch scenery. The blogpost that I posted before this one was another editorial which was located at the Maasvlakte, Rotterdam. Yes, I’m planning to write new travel blogs or an update blog soon, but I haven’t really had the time for it yet. Soon I’ll have vacation and will I go on a citytrip with my boyfriend. So after this I’m planning to do this.
While I was driving to the location, the TomTom really gave me a touristic route, which I thought was a bit strange. Later I found out that the TomTom was set back to its original settings after we updated the TomTom. That was the reason I drove continuously through some cute villages where you wouldn’t normally go. But it helped me find this location and afterwards I did some research on Google Maps. So if my TomTom had its normal settings, I wouldn’t have drove here at the first place.

After I had this shoot, I sent my grandma a backstage photo because the grasslands were next to her birthplace. Maybe she would recognize it, which she did! When you scroll down to the last photo (the landscape photo with the windmill), you see the road where she used to cycle everyday. She always told me the story when I was little how she had to pull her sister out of the water because she fell in it. Well, it happened at the end of the road you see on the photo. I never knew it was here (I heard the story a lot of times), so I think its a coincidence that I was shooting there.

This editorial also got published at Cerulean Magazine, which is really nice. You can view the publication here.

Team Credits:

Photography: By me
Model: Judie @ A&P Models
Make-up: Naomi Glaser
Styling: Yara van Leeuwen

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