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Photo Diary: A 3 Days Minicruise To Newcastle

by Jessica

I had won with Vakantieveilingen.nl a three days mincruise of DFDS Seaways to Newcastle in England. Sander and I had never been there and we also had never were on a cruise ship. The only time we sailed with a boat, was in 2010 when we went to London. First the plan was to go to London by train, but there were strikes in Belgium. Our experience of the boat trip was positive then. So we were curious how it would be this time, during the winter.

We left at IJmuiden, on January 28th and we came back at January 30th. We slept two nights on the boat and we also had a bus transfer to Newcastle. We only had to book extra for the food and the parking card. On the boat were several restaurants, bars and shops. There was even a casino and a cinema. We went to the cinema and watched ‘The Revenant’. It was a real strange experience, watching a movie while tho boat is swinging. Luckily it was a good movie.

The boat was really swinging during the outward journey, because of the weather. We would be 9:00 AM in Newcastle. Here’s our arrival with a rainbow. We were at 10:30 AM in the city Newcastle because of the customs. Our starting point was next to the Central Station. Before 15:45 AM we had to be back at the bus. We thought we didn’t had much time to see everything, but we did have seen a lot of things in a short time. When you’re going to Newcastle with the minicruise, you need to have a plan of what you want to do and want to see.

The Grainger Market, a indoor market hall built in the 19th century. It looks so nice!

Central Arcade, the most beautiful hallway I’ve seen so far.
Castle Keep in the distance.

The Black Gate

The many bridges of Newcastle

View of the Millennium Bridge from the fifth floor in the Baltic Museum. This bridge connects Newcastle with Gateshead. Unfortunately, we didn’t saw the bridge when it was open.

It was a pity these pillows where really expensive, otherwise I had bought the one at the left. This pillow has a shark with cats on it print.

The Gate

The football stadium of Newcastle.
As you can see, we’ve seen a lot in a short time. We thought we didn’t had enough time for the football stadium, but finally we did. We didn’t shop in Newcastle. I heard the shopping in Newcastle is good. If we wanted to this, we really needed an extra day.

The way back seemed quietly at the sea. There was no swinging boat, but in midnight in turned out different. It was like you were in a rollercoaster. The waves were really rough. We heard at breakfast we should be glad we weren’t here three days earlier. The storm and waves were way heavier than we’ve experienced (and it was really heave during our trip). Everyone fell and at midnight it was a real drama.┬áThat is one of the risks when you do a minicruise in the winter. If you forget the swinging boat, we had a great time. Short, but nice.

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