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8 Places In England You Should Visit!

by Jessica

My bucket list of places I want to visit is very long. One of the country’s on my bucketlist is England. I’ve been two times in London, which I really loved. When you say England most people think about London. However, England is more than just London. I created a list with places in England you should visit, to inspire you.

  1. Newcastle

    Newcastle is the only place from the list I made, that I have visited (click here for the photos). All the other places are on my bucket list for when I will travel through England. Newcastle is a nice city to visit. Besides the beautiful sights, the city is known for its shopping.
  2. The Cotswolds

    Source: visitbath.co.ukThe Cotswolds is an area with the most beautiful villages in England, like Bibury, Bourton-on-the-Water of Stow-on-the-Wold. You should visit the Cotswolds when you want to see the typical English houses. In addition to the cute villages, this area has beautiful nature and there are many beautiful castles to visit.
  3. Seven Sisters

    Source: visitbrighton.comThe Seven Sisters, as the name suggest, seven chalk cliffs next to each other. De cliffs lie between Eastbourne and Seaford. These beautiful white chalk cliffs are also located at the Seven Sisters County Park. Next to the rocks you can also enjoy the scenery here.
  4. Malham Cove

    Source: studyin-uk.inI discovered this place secretly by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I saw the movie and I was desperate to know where this place was. I don’t want to visit this place because of the movie, but because of its nature.
  5. Brighton

    Source: res.org.ukBrighton is one of the best known seaside places in England. It has a nice beach, a pier and the city also has a lot of victorian styled buildings. I think it’s a great combination of a city: a beach and sightseeing.
  6. Wistman’s Wood

    Source: amusingplanet.comI think you’ll understand me, when you see the photos of Wistman’s Wood. What a beautiful and special wood it is. That’s also because of  all the moss that’s growing there. It’s looks like some fairytale wood.
  7. Oxford

    Source: lonelyplanet.comOxford seems a beautiful city to me. It has great architecture, history and culture. The city is well known for its University, but it also has some nice museums, galleries, parks and gardens where you can relax. The city centre is also small, which makes it easy to sightseeing on foot. Just like number 4 of this list, Harry Potter is filmed here. It’s possible to do a tour so you can visit the film locations.
  8. Lake district national park
    Source: britainexpress.comThe Lake District National Park is one of the biggest nationals parks of the UK. The park is surrounded by lakes, mountains and hills. A real pleasure to hike!
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