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First Time in Friesland!

by Jessica


A few weeks ago Sander and I went a weekend to Friesland, a province located in the north of the Netherlands. We both haven’t been in this part of the Netherlands before, which is a shame because it’s one of the most beautiful regions in the Netherlands. It was also the first time we drove on the Afsluitdijk.┬áIt was our first time really going away since I came back from Asia, but also since COVID-19. We haven’t really been away during this period for obvious reasons. Since June there are less measurements against the virus, so it was not a problem to go away. Fortunately, because we had a special reason to go on a little trip: we were 10 years together!! Nope, not a proposal yet but we had a good time in Friesland. We stayed two nights at a cute bed&breakfast (‘t Souterrain) in Harlingen. This is a harbor city, although it feels like a village. From Harlingen you can go to the Wadden Islands Vlieland and Terschelling with a boat. Yes, the Netherlands have islands! The islands are not tropical with white sand and clear blue waters like in Asia, but the islands are still very pretty and a they are good places where you can relax.
We spent one full day in Harlingen itself and the second day we went to Terschelling (this island is bigger than Vlieland). Terschelling is a real beautiful island and there’s a lot to see here. There are dunes, beaches, cute villages, forests and meadows. We rented an e-bike, so we could see a lot of the island. Luckily we rented an e-bike, because there was a lot of wind and we wouldn’t have come far if we had a normal bike. Sander also practiced with his drone.
The last day we wanted to spend in Harlingen or somewhere else in Friesland, before we would head back home. But we discovered that Hoorn (a city in North Holland) was also a nice place to visit and it was on the road back home. So on our last day we decided to spend the afternoon in Hoorn. We had a great weekend and it was so nice to be away and not having to think about anything.


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