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Locating Spotting In The Hague

by Jessica

Last week I went to The Hague to spot locations for future photoshoots. I think it’s a beautiful city with lovely locations. What I also like of The Hague is the beach. It could be a great combination for a photoshoot or single shoots. Maybe some portraits in the city centre. I want to do more with location, also because the winter is over and the weather will be better.

I started to wandering through the city to look for beautiful locations. I went alone so I could go anywhere I wanted. I didn’t have to hurry to look at something. If I wanted to stop, I could do that. Not everyone likes it when I make photos all the time. I started in the city centre and ended up the boulevard of Scheveningen. I walked to Museon from the city. I’ve been there a few years ago with Sander. We walked to Museum from the central station. I remembered the embassies and the squares where we came by. I knew it was beautiful there. So I’ve visited it again. Not the same route of course. It’s too long ago. From the stop Vredesplein I traveled with the tram (till then I’ve walked everything) to Scheveningen. Here some photos I made this day.


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