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Photo Diary: A Citytrip to Edinburgh

by Jessica

Sander and I went on a citytrip to Edinburgh. It was for both of us the first time in Scotland. The fun part of Edinburgh is that it’s surrounded by nature. So when you love to do a citytrip but you also love the nature, this is a perfect city to visit. We’ve been here for 4,5 days and we’ve seen a lot of the city. We enjoyed it a lot, so please scroll down to look at the photos. Warning: lot’s of photos. Most of the times I do the photo diaries of my holidays/travels in two parts, but I thought it was better for this city to do it in one part. So, more to watch for now :).

The citytrip starts with airplane views. I keep enjoying these views.
Welcome at Edinburgh Airport! 
We arrived at the Village Hotel, where we will sleep the next few days. We were too early to check in for our room, but that wasn’t a problem. The hotel has a Starbucks, so we stayed here for a while.
After we ate something, we went to visit our first sight: The Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh.
There’s is still a little bit of snow.
We’re at the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh. It’s really big here and there’s a lot to see.
Sander has a new camera, so this is a great moment to experiment with his camera. Look at how far he can zoom in!

The Glasshouses, my favourite part of the Royal Botanic Garden!

We can finally go to our room. Look at our view!

Dean Village!

Dough balls.

We ate at the Pizza Express. First because I saw a delicious pizza (love pizza). At the end I chose a pasta, because that also sounded delicious. I don’t know the name of it anymore, but it was something with spinach and white whine sauce. Oh yeah btw, you can’t believe it but I didn’t eat any pizza at all during this citytrip! That’s like a bi miracle for me.

On our way to the Castle of Edinburgh.
There’s a lot to see in the Castle of Edinburgh, especially the exhibitions and dungeons. You can easily spend a whole day here. There was also a cannon fired at 1 am.

You also have a beautiful view of the city and the Pentland Hills from here.

Before we left, we stayed at the teahouse of the castle. This was a really nice vegetable soup!

Greyfriar Kirkyard. J.K. Rowling got inspired by this old and spooky cemetery for the Harry Potter books. She got some inspiration of the headstones for some of the names of the characters, like Tom Riddle or Minerva McGonagall. The old headstones dating back from the 1560s. When you walk here, you get fascinated by the old headstones, but also because of the ambiance there.

We also visited as last the Calton Hill. Edinburgh is built on seven hills. Calton Hill is one of them. Calton Hill is a 100 meters high in the centre of the city. You can visit the National Monument, Nelson’s Monument and the Dugald Stewert Monument. You also have a nice view of Arthur’s Seat, Leith, the North Sea and the Pentland Hills.

Pentland Hills.

At the end of the day we ate at Indian Lounge. The food was great and large portions!

On the third day we’ve visited Dynamic Earth and the adjacent Holyrood Park. I don’t have photos of the Dynamic Earth Museum, but it was about the process of how the Earth was shaped. This was interesting and well done.

After the Dynamic Earth, we’ve visited the Holyrood Park. You can easily spend a whole here, especially when you love hiking. You can go on the top of the Arthur’s Seat (251 meters high), but you can also walk around it in this area. We didn’t do all this, because we wanted to visit the harbour of Leith after this. We did enjoyed the views. It was so beautiful! I really recommend you to visit this. It was for me on the highlights (literally and figuratively). I really got the feeling I was in the highlands of Scotland, while you’re in the city.

At last this day we went to the Ocean Terminal at the west harbour of Leith. We ate at Frankie & Benny’s.

Day 4 was a real rainy day. We’ve already had done a lot of sight seeing. We visited a lot of museums. We went to the National Museum of Scotland, but first we saw the shop Galaxy. The shop sells merchandise of Harry Potter, Star Wars or Game of Thrones, for example. I can join the Harry Potter movies as you can sea. The entry of the National Museum of Scotland is free. You only have to buy a ticket for specials exhibitions, but still there’s a lot to see!

Afterwards we ate some nice food at the Yocoko Noodle Bar.

After eating it was still raining, so we’ve visited the Museum of Childhood and the Museum of Edinburgh. I liked the first museum, but the last one I thought was less interesting.

We ate at the Toby Carvery Lauriston Farm. You could eat here unlimited for a low budget, but the food was nice!

On our last morning we’ve visited the Stockbridge Market, which is every Sunday. It was too busy and narrow at that moment to make photos, but there’s a lot of nice food you can buy here.

Time to go home, but first some sushi at the airport.

The most photos are shot with the Canon 7D and some are made with my Iphone SE. Sander photographed with a Nikon Coolpix B700.
Edinburgh is a beautiful city to visit. The best of Edinburgh is the combination of city and nature. The city is therefore ideal for culture and nature lovers. The people are also really friendly.
We stayed at the Village Hotel, a modern and trendy hotel which looked nice. We only thought it was a pity that the breakfast wasn’t really extended. I don’t often say that. It was mainly a English breakfast. They didn’t had cheese, slices of sausages or tomatoes. It doesn’t have to be really extended for me, but a little bit more choice would have been better.
I also recommend you to buy a day card when you’ll travel often with the bus. For £4,- you can travel a whole day in all the Lothian buses. A single ticket is £1,70 at Lothian buses. You need to pay cash, the bus driver cannot give change.

We’d like to visit Scotland another time in the future, so we can see more of the nature. I have Ben Navis, Aberdeen, Loch Lomond, Isle of Skye and the Jacobite train (well know from the Harry Potter movies) on my bucketlist. Anyway, we got a taste of Scotland and we loved it. Edinburgh is a city you shouldn’t forget when you’re planning a trip to Scotland!

Edit: A few months later I finally finished the video of Edinburgh. Watch it here.

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