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Photo Diary: A Short Trip To Paris!

by Jessica

I’ve been to Paris with my sister for two days, which is a good start of the new year! We left early on Thursday morning and came back late on Friday night, so we could have enough time to spend in Paris. We traveled with the train. Why so short? We decided to visit the exhibition of Christian Dior in Musee des Art Decoratifs. This exhibition could’ve been visited till the 7th. of January. It was so worth it! Yeah, it was really awesome! But I’ll talk about this exhibition in my next photo diary. Otherwise this photo diary will be way to big. I’ll show all the other photos I’ve taken in Paris in this photo diary. We’ve visited the exhibition, but still have walked en seen a lot. I also photographed Michelle in a real nice and coloured street in Paris. I already heard about this place before, but when I was in Paris a few years ago I didn’t had time to visit it. Besides, I’ve always wanted to do a photoshoot in Paris.

The most photos are shot with my Canon 7D and some with my mobile. I’ve used the preset ‘Golden Glow’ from Liselotte Fleur (The Fashion Camera) for the first time and I really love the effect on my travel photos! You can order her presets¬†here.

Arrival in Paris!

Our balcony view.

Say hey from the toilet!

I love the streets of Paris.

Our view from our hotel.

So nice to see there’s still some Christmas decoration in the beginning of January.

Gare du Lyon station. The street where I wanted to do the photoshoot was close here.

There we are! I have a thing for coloured houses. It looks so cute!

I think I’ve photographed every house in this street, haha!

We did our first try for the photoshoot, but it started to rain really hard. We would try it the next morning again.

How stupid of me. If I knew it earlier that there was an exhibition of Irving Penn, I had booked another day in Paris to see this. But we didn’t had the time for this unfortunately. But it was great to see this at Gare de Lyon.
The cat cafe. There was a long queue. We thought it was a waste of our time to wait for this because of the weather and also the time of the day. So we should visit a cat cafe together in the Netherland.If you want to visit this in Paris, I recommend to retain your place, if you don’t want to stand in a long queue.

Paris by night!

When you’re in Paris, you can’t escape from the Eiffel Tower.
The second try of the photoshoot with Michelle. This time we had better luck with the weather.
We weren’t the only ones.
We’re at the Dior exhibition!
Me in action at the Royal Palace.

My future car.

The sundown in Paris. It was so beautiful. It was also time to go now for our fast diner and get our stuff at the hotel. After this we had to take our train back to the Netherlands. This was a good closure of our trip.

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