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Photo Diary: A Weekend in Paris and Disneyland!

by Jessica

The new year started well for Sander and me, because in the first weekend of 2019 we visited Paris! Exactly one year ago I visited Paris for 2 days with my sister to see the Dior exhibition and now the main reason to go to Paris was that Sander and I wanted to go to Disneyland! We both have been there like 11/12 years ago with school, so it was a very long time ago. We went to Paris on Friday, Saturday we’ve visited Disneyland and at Sunday evening we went back to our home. For me it was my sixth time in Paris and for Sander his third time, so we didn’t have to rush to see all the well known hotspots in Paris because we already seen that several times. It was nice to explore some not so well known areas. We had a pleasant stay at La Parizienne Hotel in the Montparnasse area.

Here’s the video that I’ve made of our short trip (scroll further for the photos):

Our hotel view.

The hotel worked together with illustrator Marta Fonfara. So you see her nice drawings everywhere in the hotel.

First we’ve visited La Promenade Plantée. Paris is full with beautiful parks and this is one of them. It’s a green stroll 10 metres above the street and the park has a great city panorama. First it was an old railway line which now had been built into a park. The starting point is at rue de Lyon and avenue Daumnesil (we got off at the metro stop Daumnesil). The walking route is about 4,5 kilometres long.

We were also close to Bercy Village (a place to shop and eat).
I really love to find cute streets. This is rue des Thermophyles, a street full with plants. A few days later I also visited the Playground Pigalle Duperre. When I was in Paris last year I’ve visited rue de Cremieux, a street full with colours (remember?), but I didn’t have time to visit these two other places.
There were still many Christmas decorations in Paris. Galerie Lafeyette Hausmann is really beautiful decorated! Look at this huge Christmas Tree and the dome!
Galerie Vivienne

Breakfast at our hotel!
Time to go to Disneyland, so excited!!!  
I think this one and the Star Wars attraction were my favourites!

It’s Sunday, our last day in Paris.

We went to Marche aux puces de Saint-Ouen. It’s an area full with vintage/antique fleamarkets. The area were this is located isn’t really nice to walk through. It’s in the 18th arrondissement in Paris (in the North of Paris) and is’s suburb. I didn’t really feel comfortable walking there, but when we were in the markethalls it was all fine. The fleamarkets are really nice to visit. You won’t find the cheapest stuff here (the sellers know what their products are really worth it), but it’s still nice to wander around. I even bought a French Elle from 1956. I also saw Vogues from the 1970s and some really cool old camera, but too expansive for me at that moment.

My French Elle Magazine from 1956!
Playground Pigalle Duperre! It’s a really cool location for photoshoots. Maybe in the future? Last year I didn’t had the time to visit it, but now finally I did! But all those years I was so close near this location without knowing. It close to the Moulin Rouge.

See what I did there?

Forum des Halles
Time to have our meal before we go home with the Thalys (restaurant Pino). The food was nice!
And we got a free meal in the Thalys on our way home!

It was really great to be back in Paris. It has so many beautiful locations! I really hope to do some photoshoots here in the future!


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