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Photo Diary: Seville & a Day Trip to Cordoba Part 2

by Jessica

It’s time for the second part of my adventure in Seville! As you could see in part one I’ve enjoyed myself very well. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful architecture and cozy and colourful streets. At day 3 and day 4 I’ve also visited some places outside Seville. I visited the city Cordoba which is a 45 minutes – 1,5 hour ride with the train (depends on which train you take) and I did a tour there to Medina Al-Zahara. The Medina Al-Zahara ruins has been recently added to the Unesco list. After the tour I had some time to spent in the city Cordoba itself. It’s a real beautiful city. I think it has a real cozy atmosphere, with all those colourful streets and flowers. It also has great architecture. When you’re in the city you should also visit the Mezquita of Cordoba. I really recommend you to visit this city when you have the time! Andalucia is a real beautiful region in Spain. Not only Seville and Cordoba are great places to visit here, but also Malaga, Marbella, Granada, Ronda or Cadiz. My point is, when you have the time during your trip in Seville don’t just stay in Seville. There are many great places to visit in this area.
At the fourth and final day I’ve visited the Italice Ruins in Santiponce in the morning. This is about 10 kms away from Seville. This was my second Game of Thrones film location that I’ve visited. So, when you’re interested in ruins but also want to visit every great film location of Game of Thrones you should go there. You don’t have the spend all day there.  1,5 to 2 hours will be enough. I went early, so I still would have time to explore Seville. I think you can see most of the highlights of Seville in two days. But 3 or maybe 4 days is better if you want to take it easy, or visit more museums. I think visiting Seville and doing 2 other trips during these days was perfect for me.

Day 3

I took the bus to the train station of Seville, because it was a half hour walk from my hotel and I knew I had to walk this whole day. I’m glad I did, because at the end of the day I almost walked 19 kms (I have a fitness tracker, so that’s why I know) and I was really tired at the end. Despite my trip to Santiponce and this, I’ve walked everything! Seville is a great city to cycle btw. You have a system called Sevici. With a special pass you can use the city bike for a week and take the bike from 250 points spread in the city.  I didn’t do this, because I would have used it just 2 times, so that would be a bit a waste for me. Also every time you use the bike, you pay extra for the ride. Anyway, despite of walking I took the bus to the station and I went to the city Cordoba.

Cordoba has a beautiful historical city centre. But before I could explore more of this city, I did a tour to the Medina Al-Zahara. When I booked the tour, I choose for the English guide. The day before I got a call from the tour. I was going to be the only not Spanish person in this group. They tried to get a personal guide for me in English, but that wasn’t possible. I still wanted to do the tour, because I really was looking forward to this. The tour guide was really nice and she explained afterwards everything for me in English. It was really impressive to see these ruins. The Medina Al-Zahara was a big Arabian city before.

The first two days it was about 30 degrees, but the third and fourth day it was about 36/37 degrees, which was really hot.

The Mezquita, really impressive to see this! The origin of this building was a church, which was destroyed. In 780 it was rebuilt to a mosque (Cordoba has some Arabian influences) and in 1236 it was conquered by the Christians. They built a cathedral from the mosque, so this building has been influenced by different religions.

Those details!

Cordoba is full with these colourful and cozy streets. Plants and flowers every where. I really have a thing for coloured houses, but also streets full with plants.

I had dinner at La Taperia. I saw some other cozy restaurants that seemed nice to me, but when I wanted to go eat (because my train) they were closed. But that I ran into this restaurant and I really enjoyed the food! But the restaurant also looked cozy.
Cordoba is a real great city to visit and is has great architecture. It also has a different atmosphere than Seville, but nice. Really cozy, I know I used this word many times, but it really is. Hmm, really? (also used it a bit much, haha).

Day 4: Final Day

At my final day I’ve visited the Italica Ruins in Santiponce, which is about 10 kms away from the city. It’s easy to get there from the bus station Plaza de Armas. You take bus 170A and it’s the final bus stop. Despite the ruins there’s nothing really to do in Santiponce, so afterwards I returned to the city. I think ruins are interesting. Try to imagine how everything was before this! During the tour in Medina Al-Zahara, the day before in Cordoba, we also got to see a video where they made an animation of how it was before. With the ruins that you just seen before, it’s really great to see that. Italica was once a grand Roman city. Game of Thrones has also filmed here for the series, so that was an extra nice thing. I’ve seen some other ruins before. This wasn’t the most impressive one I’ve seen so far, but still it was interesting to be worth a visit. I do think 1,5 to 2 hours for the visit is enough. Also a fun fact, if you’re from the EU the entrance is free.

After Italice, I returned to Seville to spend some time there during the final hours. I decided to go the bull fighting arena, not to watch a bull fight but to get a tour through the arena and learn something about the history of it. If you’re against bull fighting or not, it is an important and big thing in the Spanish culture.
Ooh, led lightning in the airplane!
My sister picked me up at the airport. We spotted each other while I was for my suitcase.

I really enjoyed myself and I defiantly don’t regret it! It was a great experience and everything went well. If there was a little problem, I kept quiet and didn’t freak out. When I’m around people, like in a group, I more stressed. So for example, when I’m with Sander or my sister and we get lost I panic faster and heavier, but when I’m alone I can manage to keep quiet. Maybe because when I’m alone I don’t have anyone with me to get loose of all these emotions? I’m not sure how come, ass long as I can manage myself when I’m alone. But I should be less stressed with other people around. I try to work on that. Anyway, it was fun and I did have some nice conversations with people I don’t know. That’s something nice of traveling alone, people will start a conversation with you faster. When I don’t know someone, I can be a bit shy or not always be good in small talk, but it went fine. So another thing to be proud of.


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