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Sander and I went on holiday to the Algarve in Portugal. We stayed a week in Lagos and it was so beautiful! I think it’s on of the most beautiful and impressive places I’v seen so far. Lagos is nice to walk and the city has a lot of great bays. So let me share the photos I made there.

This is the work of Danielle Kwaaitaal, where I did an internship in 2014. Every time I was at Schiphol I was searching for it, but now I saw it for the first time. I think it’s beautiful. 
We flew with Corendon and stayed in Ancora Park in Lagos. It was a pity that the flight was delayed and the transfer to the apartment took 2 hours, or even longer than that. So we arrived late at night.

I really love these houses and villas in Portugal, with the white or pastel coloured walls. Or the houses with the printed tiles, which is typical Portugese.

In Lagos there are still remains of the city wall that was build in the 16th century. It distinguishes the old and new centre.

Praia da Batata.

Igreja Santa Maria.

Lookdown at Praia da Batata.

Lagos Marina.

We thought it was a good idea to look for a beach after dinner. Instead of the beach we came across the Ponta da Piedade, the best known spot of Lagos. It’s full with amazing cliffs. What an amazing view!
It reminds me of the Twelve Apostles of the Great Ocean Road in Australia, which is on my bucket list.

We walked further and came across Praia do Camilo. When you walk down these stairs, you’re at the beach. We didn’t do it because of the height. It was also getting colder and the sun was going down. If you walked further you’re at Praia dona Anna. We did that a few days later.

We were on the road to the marina from our apartment and saw Praia dos Estundantes, which is next to Praia da Batata. You can come here through a hidden passage.

A bridge in the rocks, amazing. A few days later we did a kayak tour and we were told this was a castle before.
We did a Benagil boat tour with Seafaris. Benagil is the most famous cave of the Algarve. It has a hidden beach and you can only get there by boat, kayak or swimming. The boat was really fast (it was a speedboat), but it was a pretty long ride.But then we arrived. Speechless. It was so impressive to see this. We could swim here, but the seawater was way too cold for that.

After we visited the Benagil cave we went further and saw a lot of beautiful cliffs and caves. It was so impressive to see. I’ve never seen something like this before. This is the reason why I wanted to visit Portugal.

So these photos are from the first days. As you can see: we’ve seen a lot in a few days. It was so great! We didn’t hire a car to explore the Algarve. For one week that’s not a problem, because there’s a lot to see in Lagos and you can easily book a tour at your hotel/the travel organisation, the marina or on the streets. When you’re staying longer than a week, than it’s recommended to hire a car.

Click here for part 2!

The photos are taken with my system camera from Samsung and my Iphone SE.

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