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Unique Hotels In Europe

by Jessica

Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel – Ibiza, Spanje / Ibiza, Spain

This new hotel is completely in pink and is built in a art deco style. Literally everything is pink, even the swimmingpool! The rooms also give you a real 70’s feeling. A perfect hotel to stay with your friends! When you see, it makes you happy, doesn’t it? You do have to save some money, because the prices are starting from €200,- per night.

Source: paradisoibiza.com

Tropicana Hotel Suites – Ibiza, Spain

Another hotel in Ibiza. This is also a real colourful hotel and is also buit in art deco style. The hotel looks really tropical, with it’s colours, palmtrees, flamingo’s, music and cocktails!

Source: Tropicana Ibiza Suits

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel – Alta, Norway

We’re going north! In the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, as the name already says, you stay the night in an igloo. This hotel is in the north of Norway. It’s not just an unique experience to stay in an igloo, but it also is a perfect location to see the Northern Lights. Everything of the hotel is from ice. You’ll sleep in a special sleeping bag that will keep you warm enough. You do need to bring some thermal underwear from yourself. You can also watch ice sculptures in the hotel.

Source: Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel

Hotel Kakslauttanen – Saariselkä, Finland

Have you always wanted to sleep in a igloo of glass? You’ll find this hotel in Finland. This hotel really gives you the feeling like you’re in the nature, because of the glass. Technically you are in the nature. It’s guaranteed that you’ll have a beautiful view and a real good sight of the Northern Lights!

Source: Hotel Kakslauttanen

Treehotel – Harads, Sweden

We stay in the north. I’ll name a few hotels from Sweden now. The Treehotel is absolutely a unique hotel in the middle of the nature. You’re 4 – 6 meters above the ground, in the forest. The hotel has a modern appearance and is at the same time really cosy and comfortable.

Source: Treehotel

Jumbo Stay – Stockholm, Sweden

This hotel is close to the airport of Stockholm. You stay the night in a former Boeing 747. The airplane is completely transformed to a hotel, which is nice when you’re a big fan of airplanes but also when you’re looking for a unique stay.

Source: Jumbo Stay

Utter Inn – Lake Mälaren, Sweden

The Utter Inn Hotel is an art project of Mikael Genberg. This hotel offers an unique underwater sight from the room. The hotel is in the middle of the water and looks like a typical Swedisch house. The hotel lies 3 meters underwater in the Mälaren Lake, close to Västerås.

Source: visitvasteras.se

Fairy Chimney Inn – Göreme, Turkey

For everyone who has dreamed about staying the night in a cave: an unique hotel in the heart of Cappadocia. The Fairy Chimney Inn Hotel is the middle of Göreme and is carved out of the tufa rock stones of the fairytale Cappadocia. You do have a beautiful sight of it from this hotel.

Source: Fairy Chimney Inn

V8 Hotel – Stuttgart, Germany

This hotel is especially for car lovers! Every room has it’s own car theme. You can think about the classical car, but also sport cars. You can sleep in a car in this hotel. When this is too much for you, you can choose a normal room. I don’t really get why you would want that if you choose to stay in such a special hotel. Next to the hotel there’s a museum about cars you can visit.

Source: V8 Hotel

Hotel De Barge – Bruges, Belgium

The last hotel of this list is the only one I’ve actually visited. However, the other hotel I’ve mentioned, seem really nice to stay. This is a boat hotel in Bruges. I thought it was nice to stay on a boat by the water. It’s a nice experience, because you do get the feeling you’re on a boat. I also thought the interior was nice and pleasant. The service was also great and the staff is friendly. When you’re visiting Bruges, this is absolutely the most unique hotel of the city!

Source: Hotel de Barge
This photo is shot by me. This was our view from our room.
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